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Monday, February 20, 2012

UFO's Being Tackled!!

Working on Right Now~

1 Black Corduroy Jerkin done and waiting sleeves.
1 Black Corduroy Pair of Panions waiting hooks and eyes
1 Jacobean Jacket in Printed Cotton for Tourney wear Found all pieces and now sleeves are cut out!
3- Cauls embroidered and finished in Black Silk, Lavender Silk, and Orange
1 Grey Un-waled Corduroy Jerkin Embroidered- Design is having issues still working
1 Grey Un-waled Corduroy Panions- Cut out waiting pocket.

On Hold Due to Lost Items~
Gift for Friend Purple Linen with Grey Linen and embroidered with Pelican- Can't find pieces!
Gift for Friend Grey Linen with Purple embroidered....Can't find pieces!
1 Kirtle in teal -Need to find sleeves (Again SIGH)

I have dozens of things that are actually sitting about but, I am getting things done, I have to spend the rest of February and March getting the Guys things done and when I have some time I can do my own things that have been sitting forever!  I am hoping by the time March Crown arrives my 45 peices of UFO's will be down to 4. Hey? I have hopes not reality.....!!!

On a side note? Don't bring any boxes from big warehouse places, we brought in some and invited some unwelcome guests to our home.  While the Exterminator said he could not find any evidence of said infiltration? We have seen them and so we had to have the entire Kitchen taken apart, put into bins and stored in our dining room.  Our Kitchen is 18 X 20, seriously HUGE.  It took almost 8 hours to get everything out and into bins.  Exterminator arrived at 8am sharp, and it has taken 4 days putting things back into the Kitchen after spending 1 whole day washing every surface!  The best thing is that We get to organize!  I love this but it put my creative projects on hold.

Tomorrow~ Silk Painting!!

Fettburg is going to be making silk Banners.  I will be taking pictures to show people what we are doing!


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