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Sunday, January 8, 2012

West Kingdom 12th Night

Circle of Lovelies! It is 9:30am Saturday, we are waiting for Sara's call to escort her into Court so that she can step up to be a Laurel in the SCA!

 Can you see the gorgeous gowns? 
 Sara's Florentine!
 Another Elizabethan wonder!
 Elena looking splendid!  Do you see Sara's Sleeves and backing.
 Joan Silverthorpe, in her italian! and the lovely gift she made for Sara's Day!
 Our Pelican to be! in a Pisa redo!

 My Son and Maddie!!!!

 Three Lovely Ladies in the early am!

Here is Sara gaining her blessing from the King and Queen of the West....and their hearld in Elizabethan Splendor~
More time spent with lovelies!

Here is what the cape for Laurel 

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