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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boxes For Beltaine

We are always on the look for period things, and so about 10 years ago, Albertson's had a sale on kind of Medievaloid boxes, they were anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00, so I collected several of them. Which was good I thought we would use them for a couple of years...that was 10 years ago.

The boxes are now falling apart and we have to schlep grey plastic crates which I really hate. Now 5 years ago, I found plenty of plywood box instructions all over the 'Net. Except now when I need them they are no where to be seen. So I asked the hive mind at Yahoo groups Encampments. The response was amazing, and we ended up going to Duke Cariadoc's home and he showed us how to create some basic boxes.

Armed with this awesome information, we bought some 1/4 plywood, with some 1/2 plywood and loads of 3/4"X3/4" and loads of wood glue. So Far we have 4 boxes done.

I am going to publish a how to account and hopefully help anyone else out there to make some carrying boxes.

One thing I have found? Your eyes are bigger than your needs. I thought I would need 20X20X18, or bigger to put all of my garb in as well as my feast gear, yet a simple 16X16X18 could hold a ton our feast gear, I have heavy pewter plate. We have a set for 8 people, so all of that plus 4 tablecloths and napkins. I have put the whole into 2 boxes so that it could be carried easily. It weighed 50lbs otherwise, so they are now 25lbs each. I am on eBay for more stuff by the way! LOL


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