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Sunday, September 9, 2012

UFO List is Getting Accomplished!

2 years ago now, in 201o I had 20 projects in various stages of completion.  I don't know if every costumer is like me? But if I don't have the expertise to finish something? I put it aside until I do! Or sometimes another project will take precedence because of various reasons.  I have 3 projects that are just hand work, which hurts my hands so I am very slow at completing. 

Then I was out of commission for a while so most of those 20 projects have just sat in my house, getting pieces lost. Now I am finding said pieces, and putting the things back in place so that I can complete them!  Thus my Unfinished Objects are becoming finished!

A. Raisin Tourney Gown  90% complete
I have lost the sleeves with their glorious Fleurs! I have no idea where they are or if I will ever find them, I wore the gown at Purgatorio 2012 and people really liked it! Do I have pictures of said completed Gown? Nope, because I take the photos I rarely remember to have someone else take them of myself.

B. Lovely Fabric made into Jacobean Jacket Re-do
85% complete I am trying to finish adding the trim by hand so who knows how long this will take? LOL

C. Spanish Purple & Cream Gown with Cream Kirtle.  75% of the Beading & Pearling is done I now take this with me all over I am hoping to get this done while we are at GWW. Kirtle is in pieces, so it is only 40% done.  

D.  Spanish Woolen Gown in Aubergine 85% done, I need to add the lining in the jacket and put together the skirt.

E. Men's Jerkin and Pants in Black  90% done, will need to have this done for GWW. 

F. Men's Jerkin & Pants Blue Damask 30% Must be done for GWW. 

G. Men's Jerkin & Pants Gray Velveteen 0% done  Cut out

H. Men's Jerkin and Pants Black Velveteen 65% done 

I. Men's Jerkin & Pants Blue Linen 0% done Cut out

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