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Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Not the Best Year....Sigh

This year kind of sucks... We lost a valued friend in May of this year due to Cancer, however we found out if he had gone to the Doctor when he first had issues, he was having gran-mal type seizures but would not go to the Doctor. So in January he could barely walk, it was Leukemia and it was everywhere and he was gone by May.

This was my husband's best friend, they got through hell together and I kid you not, really crappy childhoods involving social services and social workers and well horrible things.

But they survived together, as brothers under the skin.

Hubby has been very quiet about this whole experience, every grieves at thier own pace.

We got a call 2 days ago, His Mother of whom he has massive issues i mean really.....massive.... is dying her Cancer has reached her brain and it will be a matter of days...he is with her at her hospice in Seattle.

I hope she stays long enough for me and the kids to arrive on Thursday.


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