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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Faire Gown

So I can only hope I can work this out and have it done in 2 weeks. I am using patterns I already have so it should not be too difficult, just sitting and cutting and sewing, which always takes the longest!!! I went to Thai Silks, Gods! The SCA has had a discount with them for many years....many many.... and every time I go to the shop....I have to fight for the discount. I know times are tough but I sometimes spend $200.00 with them and still I have to prove that I know what I am saying is the truth. SIGH

So I picked up 2 yards of Silk Taffeta shot gold and blue, I am going to use the trim on that and pink the sleeves. I should have enough for a pill box hat, I am going to machine embroider a Fleur de lys on the too of the hat (my signature). The fabrics are very dark blue and not black but they are deep. I have some duck canvas I am going to build the forepart with. I have cut this out for the forepart it is 50 inches long and 36 inches wide at the bottom and tapers up to 12 inches at the top. I will see if I have enough of the trim to go a crisscross on the fore part and then I am going to do a stripe with the pinking on the sleeves.

Sleeves- Cut out and add trim
Forepart Cut out and add trim

Work on skirt
I am going to use some linen I have on hand to line the skirt, and I am going to pad the skirt's cartridge pleats so that it will look fuller.

I need to work on getting someone to refit by bodice block as I have lost a bit of weight and so I need to tweak the bodice just a bit. I want someone to help me really make sure my shoulders are fitting proplerly no matter how many times I ask my Mom, she will not fit the dratted thing like a 2nd skin....SIGH I will ask about and see if anyone can drop by and help me out.

Build the Bodice and begin on Lacing Holes.
Add Lacing rings to tie my sleeves on with
Work on hat

Not saying any of these will happen, but I am hoping by putting out the list I shall feel compelled to finish any of these on the days.
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