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Monday, September 6, 2010

Forepart Creating!

This is where I am at now, every single thing you see is from my stash!
I have been collecting for at least 15 years, I go to Gem Shows and well
all sorts of places to find what I need!

This again is the Blue/Gold shot Silk Taffeta, my son almost gave me a heart attack because he was working with bleach cleaning a fish tank, and he casually drops his hands on my fabric! Silk? ! Yikes! Hates bleach! But luckily? He did not have any on his hands, it was just water and it dried without any issues! This is $26.00 a yard fabric and I only had 2 yards of it to begin with.

I had to beg my husband for his math expertise in the diamond design as I had less than 4 yards of the trim to do the forpart, I think with the dark blue velveteen on the bottom it will look smashing together.

Well it is late and I am bushed, I will work on this perhaps Wednesday as I have that day off.

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