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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Old and New!

Pretty nifty eh? On the left we have old freezer, really small and hard to get into without taking every single thing out of it and often forgetting what the heck you have at the bottom. For me it was a nightmare. So Hubby got a bonus, not the biggest but hey? It is free money! We were at Best Buy and saw they had a floor model sale. Then I did some research and they were selling new ones online for the same amount! Huh? So I spoke with the manager and he lowered the price another $75.00, and well that brought it down over $250.00 and well it made it worth it, plus with the no intrest on the credit card, we decided it would be a good thing, so I have budgeted 50.00 for the next year to pay this off and we have a new standing freezer that is 20.6 cu feet and well we have space!!! So awesome! We moved everything from the old freezer, well hubby did that in like 30 minutes, we have so much more space!! I bought corn already and some fruits. I plan on getting more and since we have a vacuum sealer, it will be so much fun to get everything in the freezer and well, know we have space!!
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