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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hats & Skirts

So this was my Saturday and Sunday, we went to the bean festival and that took most of the day and all of my energy!!!! Then I had to go and find a dress to wear to a friend's for dinner, because I gave away all of the clothing in my closet that was a size 20 or above, I had no special clothing to wear at all.

I found this lovely shirt dress in apricot linen and I wore the earrings I made and my necklace I purchased with green beads and an apricot flower, Indian food without the peppers so I could eat the stuff! It was lovely!
So Hat is in need of hand sewing which I can do at work, and I have 216 inches or 6 yards of skirt done, now to put the gaurd on it, I am going to make the linen lining next and then... the gaurd that is my Monday. Monday night I am heading to a friend's to get her to fit my bodice pattern because I lost weight and it is too loose. Then I can cut out the interior and well get everything set up, I might see if I can take off a Thursday so I can have an extra day to finish this and make it perfect for Saturday. I am now waiting for the jewelery to come from Dragonpipes. I don't have anything blue and gold so I ordered a set with a brooch because it was awesome.
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