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Monday, May 9, 2011


Blog Entry May 4th (May the 4th be with you, I know silly but still funny) through the 8th, 2011. To all Happy Mother's Day.

So with the Myst up and running for embroidery? Why not do something with the silly sleeves? So I used the sleeve pattern from ....wait for it..... Simplicity something I really hate to use but people kept asking me about the things and they are not Elizabethan, they are Italian early Florentine from what I can figure out. They scoop at the bottom I can't find 1 remark or portrait saying this is something good ole Englishwomen did. I did want use them, I will not use the pattern it is incorrect to my eyes. This pattern has a bottom and a top so I did this with the top:

And I used a machine sewing technique from Renaissance Tailor and bound seam. I did each freaking sleeve 4 times before I got them right but as soon as I finish them and iron them I will take another photo. I am just glad they are done! Oh me!

I was further gratified to have someone ask me what are my goals within the SCA/Faire Community, This is the first year I will be working on a gown for Northern Faire and Upper Class for actual Faire, it will have to be approved by the Powers that be and everything. In the SCA you make what you want, if you want a Purple Gown with Orange Sleeves and Green Slime lining well it is all about you! So I am quite in a tizzy getting to put my fabrics together and such for the Faire.

But it was in the SCA, a lady not too long within our midst, and wearing my castoffs, was asking me what inspiration I had to make lovely gowns still. So I showed her across the campsite to a group who walk about in Jewelled splendor and every hair in place, with 4 costume changes day and each more lovely. I told her this is the level I wish to be, and thought I was already there, which really made my ego zoom! I also told her I could help her make her own things and that everyone had issues with this or that, why she was wearing one of my disasters. She loved that gown so she said that if this was my worst how can she compete. I told her with her own successes, it is how we learn!

So yes it took 4 tries to get the sleeves working, I did not stop and I learned a lot for next time!

and Mother's Day was lovely I got a pair of Amethyst Earrings, and a shoping spree (small) at Sephora.

I need another fitting for the bodice of this gown and then I need to do the first mock up for my hubby's Jerkin in Grey Linen and also Teal Sateen.

More later!

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