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Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9 2011~ My Bodice and Skirt

I have to wait until tomorrow to have someone give me the final fit on the bodice. So onto the skirt! How can I make sewing 3 panels of fabric sexy? The panels are also lined in Linen so it is 6 panels, I was going to do them together but then when I add the trim it will show on the underside and that is not sexy.

When my hubby gets home? I will begin his toile for his outfit. Yep there will be embroidery on it as well, I have 3 yards and a little of this non waled Cord from a while back and I am going to embroider it and I don't think I will be doing any on the pannions. First I need to finish my Gown then I can work on the Men's stuff!


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